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The Oregon Library Passport Program is a voluntary program through the Oregon Library Association. In the program, cardholders from participating libraries are able to receive library cards free of charge from other participating libraries. If patrons choose to obtain a passport program library card, they agree to comply with the participating library's policies and are responsible for materials and fines associated with that card.

For more details on the Passport Program, please visit the

Oregon Library Association.

Mildred Whipple Library patrons wishing to obtain a library card from a participating library:

  • Patrons must already have their Mildred Whipple library card and be in good standing. 

  • Make sure to bring your Mildred Whipple library card to the participating library when you register for a passport card. If they are unsure of the Mildred Whipple Library's participation in the passport program, we are listed as the "North Douglas Library District--Mildred Whipple Library" in the program directory.

  • The participating library will need to verify with us that you are a member in good standing before you are able to receive your passport card.

To view the full directory of participating libraries, please click here.​

Oregon Library Passport Program

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