Summer Reading 2020:

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Summer reading had a new look this year!


The Mildred Whipple Library began offering curbside service after closing in March for COVID-19. But, until the library fully reopens our programs and activities look a little different! This site will be updated as Oregon (and the Mildred Whipple Library) continue to reopen, so please make sure to check our calendar, social media, and/or the library windows for new information.

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2020  Summer  Reading  Wrap Up

Children's Program

30 participants read 9,004 minutes!

Teen Program

26 participants read 9,569 minutes!

Adult Program

17 participants read 37,498 minutes!

Who Can Participate?


Summer reading is FREE for all ages! Participants are divided into four age groups: 1) Birth through Pre-K, 2) Kindergarten through 5th grade, 3) 6th through 12th grade, and 4) Adults. The Mildred Whipple Library offers programs, activities, and prizes for all age groups. Summer Reading 2020 ran June 16 through August 11.


How Do I Play?

PROGRAMS: During the time the library is closed programs will be hosted online and "at-your-own-pace" near the Civic Center building. Check our calendar for dates and locations of specific programs.

TAKE TO MAKE KITS: Every Friday of summer reading the library will pass out pre-assembled craft and activity kits on a first-come, first-serve basis. These activity kits are self-contained and geared for a variety of ages.

YONCALLA LIBRARY COMPETITION: New this year, the Mildred Whipple Library is partnering with the Yoncalla Library in a reading competition! Each library will be tracking minutes read to see which community can read the most this summer. We will be compiling total minutes read each week for our window display, so please help us out by frequently updating the minutes you read each week! Turn minutes in at the library on Fridays from 2:00PM - 6:00PM or email us at

BINGO CARDS: Also new this year, the Mildred Whipple Library is offering Household Summer Bingo (instead of group-specific bingo cards). You can choose to either 1) Play individually on your own bingo card or 2) Play along with everyone in your household. To fill in your bingo sheet, follow the directions in each square and then record the approximate number of minutes read (if other household members are playing along, each individual can count their own minutes). Remember, books can count for up to two (2) bingo squares! Bingo sheets are available in each summer reading goodie bag.


How Do I Win?


During the course of the summer, keep track of the minutes you read and try to fill in as many bingo squares as you can. When you are finished with your bingo card, make sure to turn it into the library to receive tickets for the prize drawing! 


How to earn tickets:

  • Earn 1 ticket every time you turn in your weekly minutes.

  • Earn 1 ticket for each member in your household every time you show the library a completed summer reading craft (either from a program or a take to make kit - taking a picture is a great idea!).

  • Earn 5 tickets for each member in your household when you turn in a completed bingo card.

How to earn tickets for minutes read (in addition to the above tickets):

  • If you read up to 1 hour (60 minutes) over the course of summer reading: 1 ticket

  • If you read up to 10 hours (600 minutes): 5 tickets

  • If you read up to 20 hours (1200 minutes): 15 tickets

  • If you read more than 20 hours (1200 minutes): 20 tickets

Submitting Your Summer Reading Material


Each Friday during summer reading we encourage all participants to submit their weekly minutes read. Call us, email us, or drop by during library open hours and let us know how much you've read that week so we can update our window display!

All bingo cards and minute reporting must be received by August 8, 2020. Whether you have managed to fill out one bingo square or all all 25, and whether you have read 20 minutes or over 20 hours, we encourage all summer reading participants to turn in their summer reading material. If you cannot submit your bingo card or reading minutes during library open hours (please check our calendar for specific dates and times), write your reading minutes on your bingo card and email us a picture to or place your bingo card in the library book drop.

Submit your bingo card and last batch of reading minutes from August 4 through August 8

and earn ice cream!

Summer Reading Prize Pick Up


Summer reading prize winners will be announced on August 11, 2020 and prizes will be available to pick up throughout the week. You do not need to be present to win.

Summer Reading Winners


Please help us congratulate this year's summer reading prize winners! If you participated in summer reading, but did not win a prize, stop by the library during curbside hours to pickup a giveaway book.









































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